I am a Chartered Civil and Structural Engineer with over 30 years design, design management and construction management experience on  varied projects throughout the UK and in Hong Kong, Gaborone, Moscow and Abu Dhabi.

To date I have worked for Arup, Laing, Costain, AMEC, Kier, Magnox, ZADCO, EXXON and BP on large engineering projects as well as lots of small building projects for private clients in and around the South West of England.

Some of the projects include

  • Four Artificial  islands and oil production facilities in the UAE for the UZ750 project.
  • Hydrogen Power Abu  Dhabi (HPAD) carbon capture project.
  • Technical support to Laing/ GTM during construction of the  Second Severn Crossing.
  • Construction of the Royal Portbury Dock (originally Bristol West Dock) at Avonmouth.
  • Valiant Floating Jetty; a 44,000 Ton floating reinforced concrete jetty  at Faslane for the Royal Navy.
  • The ship assembly building in Portsmouth; a shed large enough to build complete ships in.
  • Kowloon Station on Hang Kong’s Lantau Airport Railway.
  • The Galleries shopping centre in Broadmead, Bristol.
Artificial Island  in the UAE (one of four)
Valiant Jetty being delivered to the Royal Navy

My engineering interests  are

  • the long term management of climate change and flood defence of Somerset.
  • off site manufacturing (OSM) techniques for industrial and residential construction.
  • sustainable housing.

I currently support and develop the engineering solutions  for Lyndon Water’s waste water treatment projects on three continents including large scale storage of solar latent heat and duckweed harvesting equipment.

Consultancy Services 

If you require  engineering consultancy services please visit my consultancy  website Glue2 Limited where  the range of services provided can be viewed.


M: 07968 668049

T:   0117 230 8081

E:    Stevetrowbridge@glue2.com




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  1. Hello Steve, we live in Chilton Trinity ,location 5 . We find your alternative solution to flood prevention inspiring. I have attended a meeting with E.A. regarding the barrier , I would like to bring your plan to their attention and also to the people of Bridgwater.

    1. Lin and Phil

      The EA is well aware of my idea that we should somehow use the high ground to seal off the sea. My view is that the best solutions should all be identified and Bridgwater/Sedgemoor decide what is best not the EA. The options studies were simply not broad enough. Please share the link and hopefully it will stimulate debate.



  2. I would like to hear more about the itinerant engineer’s views on other projects that we build, and especially on what happens when we build what we shouldn’t! Of course this blog is of great interest to people in Bridgwater, but as an Abu Dhabi resident I am keen to hear about some of the many projects you have worked on round the world and, like many people, I like nothing better than to hear why things go wrong and what we can learn from that.

  3. Steve

    Having heard many of your entertaining thoughts on many aspects of engineering, albeit some time ago, I think your insights in projects past and present will be enlightening.

    I look forward to hearing more.

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